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The basis of our strong market position is a commitment to investing in new technologies and state of the art equipment and our fleet is among the most advanced and powerful in the Baltic Sea. All our new tugs are designed in close collaboration with the key stakeholders e.g. engineering bureau in order to meet the various needs and wishes of the crews, pilots and shipowners. We have extensive experience in designing strengthened ice-class tugs and in ice navigation - especially important in our northern region. Safety is also one of our top priorities and our tugs are designed to have two independent engines and propulsions systems. They are also equipped with dyneema tow lines which have a breaking load of up to 200 metric tons. When used in combination with special winches that have a constant tension function, they provide a much higher level of safety if compared to a ship's mooring ropes.

Harbor towage

Nowadays Riga Towage Company offers harbor towage in Latvian port of Riga. Riga Towage Company also delivers to road supply and people. Majority of tugs have firefighting equipment. All the tugs are ice classed and work also as icebreakers in ports. Tugboat assistance is subject to Scandinavian Tugowners Standard Conditions of the year 1959 revised 1974 and 1985.

Sea Towage

From the very beginning of its activities, Riga Towage Company offers tugs for offshore towages. We have experience in towages of different kinds of pontoons, barges, cranes, damaged and scrap vessels. We offer a range of tugs for sea towages at a very competitive price. Please always feel free to contact us in order to get price estimate for any kind of sea towage.


The number of ships in the Baltic Sea is growing very rapidly, mostly because of increased export of raw materials from Russia. Nowadays traffic in the Baltic Sea is so intensive that even modern technologies and safety rules cannot fully protect vessels. The company is ready for that kind of situation and can provide immediate assistance with its fleet. Riga Towage Company has a portfolio of successful salvage operation starting from small barge and finishing with a big container vessel. The company tugs are equipped with firefighting systems, water pumps, workboats, and other salvage equipment. We have experienced crews for the best performance and result.


In especially cold winters we face very thick flat and rafted ice. In such conditions few vessels can manage without an icebreaker. Riga Towage Company has high ice-classed tugboat fleet, designed for best performance in hard ice conditions. Usage of ice-designed Rolls-Royce Azimuth Thrusters on all new tugs in combination with powerful engines allows assisting to ships all year round. Having a wider hull and directing water flows from thrusters to sides, ASD tug can make open canal better and wider than a conventional tug. Often we also need to clean berths from ice. Ability of our ASD tugs to move astern along the quay makes this operation faster and more efficient. We used to work as icebreakers in open sea, towing disabled vessels and leading caravans of ships.


IMO and HELCOM organizations recognized the Baltic Sea as a sensitive area of nature. We agree that increased tanker traffic due to continuous building of oil terminals puts a high risk on nature. Because of the Baltic Sea closeness, it is very undesirable to use chemical means of oil spill cleaning, so preventive measures come to first place. Escorting of big oil and chemical tankers significantly reduces risk of collisions and as a consequence - water pollution. A tug should steer and stop a tanker in case of engine or steering failure or any other accident. Riga Towage Company express a great concern about environmental issues regarding sea pollution and therefore we promote compulsory tug escort services in dangerous shore areas for loaded oil and chemicals tankers as an efficient and cheap pollution prevention measure. Riga Towage Company today has one escort tug. Tug escort is already compulsory in several ports of the Baltic Sea in Finland, Sweden, and Russia.

Our tugboats

Currently Riga Towage company has 4 modern and powerful ASD tugs. Riga Towage Company has one of the youngest fleet in the region. The entire group owns and operates more than 50 tugboats, barges and workboats.

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